Extremely high thermal power of up to 150 W
Ready for use within a few seconds

Adjustable heating modes for sensitive soldering jobs
Precise temperature control (150 °C - 450 °C) for constant, repeatable soldering/desoldering results

Lowest operating costs. Special and long-life i-TIP soldering tips

Soldering tips available in various shapes and lengths; widths ranging from 0.2 mm up to 25 mm
Special PowerWell soldering tips to solder Fine-Pitch components
Wick soldering tips to remove solder from large areas (e. g. from BGA pads)
Special soldering tips made to customer’s

Handy: distance tip to grip 45 mm only,

total length 155 mm only

Handle with non-slip “soft pad”

Sensor installed in the handle for automatic standby and switch-off when the tool is not used.

This feature extends tip lifetime and reduces energy consumption.
Automatic re-heating for reuse after standby/switch-off