Efficient preheating: heating plate controlled by the i-CON VARIO

Heating plates are the most important peripherals on a hand soldering workplace. Component heating during finishing/rework ensures faster and safer soldering processes. Ersa heating plates use the same proven infrared heating technology as Ersa’s renowned rework product line to warm up PCBs from the bottom during manual soldering/desoldering and rework operations. The heating plate’s safe and powerful medium wave IR radiation offers enormous advantages at the modern workplace: soldering irons, SMD desoldering tweezers and/or desoldering irons can be operated with considerably reduced tip temperatures. Lower tip temperatures decrease the risk of damaging components while tip lifetime increases significantly at the same time.

Connection options.
Heating Plate (IRHP100A-03)
Dimensions (L x W x H)   200 x 260 x 53,5 mm
PCB holder (option, 0IRHP100A-06)   330 x 250 mm
X/Y PCB table as shown above (option, 0IR5500-01)   680 x 280 mm
Infrared heating area   125 x 125 mm
Voltage   220 - 240 VAC
Max. power   800 W
Frequency   50 - 60 Hz
Fuse rating   4 A
Conformity   CE