EA 110 plus i – safe, efficient and intelligent solder fume extraction

The EA 110 plus i filter unit is a compact and efficient system with economical air recirculation. Thanks to the continuously variable suction power, the unit can be adapted to any situation given. The EA 100 plus i can be used to effectively and economically clear off the air from one or two workplaces.


Datenblatt (PDF) - Ersa EASY Arm 110i plus

The solder fumes are filtered in two stages: first, the particulate filter removes smallest suspended particles from the suctioned air. Harmful gases are then absorbed in the activated carbon filter.

A powerful blower guarantees a virtually constant airflow throughout the entire filter life.
Two suction arms, three suction nozzles and a check valve are available for different work conditions. The plug-in system with its flexible suction arms allows fast adaptation to altered conditions at the workplace.

Especially noteworthy is the low noise level, allowing use of the device not only in production, but also in repairs, engineering and in the lab. The decentralized design requires no extensive pipe system and offers the greatest possible flexibility.

Connection options.